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About us

We are a small flexible team dedicated to each client individually in a fast changing world of communication. Our strategic and functional solutions connecting online and offline tools guarantee high effectiveness of communication. The goal is long-term cooperation and satisfied customers of our clients. We achieve return on your investments into PR by an active and open discussion with you.

How do we operate?

  • Acquaintance
  • Ideas
  • Strategy
  • Implementation
  • Evaluation


Our services accommodate your needs. The final solution for you is in no way like shopping from shelves. Each client gets a tailor made solution. Most frequently our solutions combine the following services:



  • Corporate
  • Crisis
  • Product
  • Personal Branding PR
  • Online
    • Social media administration
    • Content marketing and blogging services
    • Web development
  • Directly to customer - WOM (word of mouth)
  • Issue management - topic communication


  • Internal communication strategy
  • Motivation programs


  • Media communication
  • Online communication
  • Crisis communication
  • Presentation skills
  • Internal communication


  • Simona Mištíková a.k.a. „Sima“

    managing director

    She knows no break, does not wear a watch, sometimes comes on time but manages to accomplish everything. No stenograph can record the speed of her words. She can give away her energy and she tries to do just that. She uses the word “introvert” as a cuss word. “PR mastermind“, or our “Star“.


    Is she experienced?

    She supervised one of three teams of the biggest PR agency in Slovakia for 8 years managing projects in various industries and of all sizes.


    What is she good at?

    Managing the agency and client service without industry limitation.

  • Martina Kosturková a.k.a "Maťa"

    team leader

    She full-heartedly hates routine. She loves people, humour, fun and fairness. This tiny woman with her heart in the right place could be characterized as honest and tough. There is something good in everything and Maťa will find it!


    Is she experienced?

    She began in international trade and then moved to marketing. She gained her first experience in an international media agency and later moved to the side of the client.


    What is she good at?

    Product communication in the area of fast moving consumer goods and life-style. 

  • Jakub Šuták a.k.a. „Šuti“

    senior manager

    “Jakub is a scriptwriter who started to apply his creativity in the field of PR. You can find him with his guitar in a club at times and weightlifting in a nearby fitness center at other times. He is methodological and will only provide you with information when he is 100% sure.”


    Is he experienced?

    “He completed his studies at the prestigious Janáček Academy in Brno and helped organize the film festival in his home town of Banská Štiavnica, which taught Jakub to have a responsible attitude to people, which he applies at DIVINO.”


    What is she good at?

    Our Clients in the fields of culture, lifestyle and FMCG on an online and offline basis. 

  • Natália Kováčová a.k.a. „Naty“

    junior manager

    A dynamic reinforcement of Divino’s creative team. She doesn’t know what boredom is. She likes to cease the moment with the help of caffeine contained in her beloved coffee. Her favorite view of the world is through the lens of a camera. She’s enthusiastic about her job and not afraid of challenges.


    Is she experienced?

    She gained her experiences as a bank’s event team member. She was in charge of internal communication and event implementation for clients and employees.


    What is she good at?

    She takes care of clients in the field of finance, lifestyle and fashion.

  • Zuzana Sotníková

    office manager / junior manager

    She joined Divino from corporate company to make her small dream come true: to work in the PR sector, to get an insight in advertisement and communication with clients. She is always ready for action, no compromises, with a sense for order.


    Is she experienced?

    She has many years of experience leading her own team, designing new processes and implementing them in practice. Her work in the banking sector taught her to be patient and friendly to customers.


    What is she good at?

    She is partly in charge of clients from financial sector and administration, organizing of small events and teambuilding and last, but not least, procurement and supply of sweets to her colleagues to make their day at work more enjoyable.

  • Peter Barnáš a.k.a. „Peťo“

    junior manager

    He studied journalism and scriptwriting. He likes reading most of all. He writes about and is interested in international affairs. He is objective focused and responsible. He likes to apply creativeness and knowledge in his work.


    Is he experienced?

    He’s been training his copywriting skills for a number of years by writing all sorts of genres and texts including novels, movie scripts, blogs and articles.


    What is he in charge of?

    Our FMCG Clients.

  • Lucia Čížová a.k.a. „Lucka“

    junior manager

    After years spent working for the media she decided to change her life and to settle down at the opposite side of the barricade and to try out PR and work with clients. She’s a very responsible person with a sense for the detail. She likes to keep things in order, she’s a chart lover, likes to fill up her diary and keeps her work under control. No need for coffee, she’s driven by her work and loves to write.


    Is she experienced?

    She worked for eight years in the media in all imaginable positions. Among other things she was in charge of a lifestyle online section of an important daily and she was responsible for a fashion and lifestyle magazine.


    What is she good at?

    She takes care of our corporate and FMCG clients.

  • Lukáš Grec a.k.a. „Lukáš“

    junior manager

    Lukáš has a positive attitude and is creative in both life and work. His motto is that any problem can be solved if looked at from a different perspective. His studies of Media Ethics at the Faculty of Arts of Matej Bel University gave him a good background in corporate and institutional PR. His studies of economics at Matej Bel University gave him a good background in profit focused marketing.


    Is he experienced?

    During his studies, he spent some of his leisure time writing articles for the school magazine and organizing cultural events. He is very much interested in the world of the media, new trends and designing web pages.


    What is he good at?

    He takes care of our FMCG and lifestyle clients.

  • Martina Pálešová a.k.a. „Tina“

    junior online manager
    The new support to our online team. She likes visually nice things. Social media are her hobby and work. She has an uncommon sense of humour, loves travel and photography, be it Instagram or analog. In every city she visits she looks for a candy-store, because she loves sweets.
    Is she experienced?
    She studied mass media communication and then gained experience in PR agency as well as on client's side. Then she got charmed by the world of online marketing to which she is now devoted.
    What is she good at?
    Content creation and management of social network profiles for FMCG clients.


  • Branislav Dudáš a.k.a. „Braňo“

    junior manager
    Braňo is often immersed in books. He is interested in all aspects of words, in how they invoke emotions and ideas, in making complex ideas easily understood, or creating catchy slogans. In addition to reading and writing he loves nature photography.
    Is he experienced?
    For four years he worked in the state administration where he communicated with the media. He was on the editorial board of professional magazine and wrote for start-ups, bookstores, and publishing houses. His two young children prepared him for the most demanding clients.
    What is he good at?
    Economic and lifestyle topics.


Together we are one team

  • Budiš

    Budiš's mineral water cooperation includes news and advertising communications, press releases, and comprehensive PR services, including collaboration with sports celebrities, bloggers and bloggers who are committed to a healthy lifestyle. This cooperation is very pleasing to us as we are fans of this mineral water and their supplies can not ever be missed at our working place.
    Klient - Budiš
  • Cinema City

    Cinema City Slovakia is the largest provider of multikines in Slovakia. In the cinemas and the special cinema projections of 4DX and SUPERSCREEN, the audience will be delighted to have a great film experience. DIVINO provides regular monthly PR services, creative campaign and communication suggestions, event organization, movie premieres, and collaboration with celebrities.
    Klient - Cinema City
  • Foundation Volkswagen Slovakia

    Volkswagen Slovakia was founded in 2008 as a public service organization that actively looking for co-creating a modern living space in the knowledge society. DIVINO provides regular monthly PR services, advice, creative campaign and communication suggestions, creative video production, media communication, bloggers, vloggers and ambassadors relations. Preparing text materials and searching for publicity is a matter of course.
    Klient - Nadácia Volkswagen Slovakia
  • Bubbleology

    Collaboration with Bubbleology primarily involves communicating news in its portfolio, working with people and bloggers, finding space in the media, and preparing press releases. We enjoy the work for the Slovak number one at the bubble tea market very much and yes, we have to admit - we have already been stricked by bubblemania.
    Klient - Bubbleology
  • Klient - Fatra
  • Ozonicon

    Ozonicon® with the TrioCross formula is a medical device that reduces pain, helps in the treatment of inflammation while nourishing joints. With the launch of this innovative product in the UK market, of course, we must not miss the support of our agency. Collaboration involves communicating the product and its benefits through tailor-made press releases. In addition, we also make use of our knowledge of bloggers as well as celebrities.
    Klient - Ozonicon
  • Diamonds of Slovak Business

    The key project for DIVINO's cooperation with Enterprise Invesetors aimed at evaluating the fastest growing small and medium-sized companies in Slovakia. During the year-long preparation of an important gala evening, we provide communication to the media, preparation of a press conference, communication with valued representatives of companies, design and preparation of the event scenario and overall development and coordination of the event. We collaborate on the project with the magazine Forbes Slovakia.
    Klient - Diamanty slovenského businesu
  • Be Cool

    Be Cool has been on the market since 1998, offering a wide range of event management and marketing services. Be Cool agency is well known for organizing many events, whether it is a family sports day, corporate games or a professional sports event. For Be Cool, we provide strategic consulting, media and event partnerships and creating online content.
    Klient - Be Cool
  • Klient - EI

    Historically, one of DIVINO's longest collaborations is with the Slovak chain of stores of stockings and socks with more than 20 years of tradition on the Slovak market. Collaboration includes assistance in communicating all key brand or brand new campaigns by preparing press releases, tailor-made PR texts, active media and bloggers communications. The past service package also included managing and creating content on Facebook.
    Klient - BEPON
  • ZľavaDňa

    We have been working with the largest discount portal in Slovakia for several years now. Mainly, we communicate surveys, market results or the behavior of Slovak customers. Last but not least, we are representing Zľava Dňa as a portal, that let you explore Slovakia.
    Klient - ZlavaDňa
  • Ranná starostlivosť

    The client helps children with a disability. Children aged 0-7 are supported according to the individual needs of each family. They are also expert supporter for families that need functional examination, child diagnosis, application of stimulating methods and games, transdisciplinary approach in collaboration with professionals, or family integration into the community. For the client we provide free assistance in strategy planning, events and online marketing.
    Klient - Ranna starostlivost
  • Klient - Exeltis
  • Klient - Henkel
  • Klient - Zlatá Studňa
  • Gemerka

    Slovak Magnesium Water from the heart of Gemer returned to our portfolio after a short break. Mainly, we are engaged in communicating its health benefits, donating blood campaigns, cooperating with bloggers, and looking for possibilities to make the brand more visible.
    Klient - Gemerka
  • Born In Barcelona

    Born In Barcelona is a Slovak brand of exclusive jewelery. We provide strategic marketing consulting, online marketing, and we are also looking for new sales opportunities.
    Klient - Born In Barcelona
  • Schwarzkopf Professional

    Quality, creative, global and dynamic. This is how you can get to know the professional hair care brand Schwarzkopf Professional, for which we have been a longtime partner. Communicating all new news from Schwarzkopf Professional, whether through press releases to media, celebrities, or bloggers, we help them to stay ahead of the competition.
    Klient - Schwarzkopf Professional
  • Canola Oil

    The EU's three-year campaign to raise awareness of rapeseed oil has been our task since its beginning. We co-operate with Polish colleagues in mutual effort to spread texts about its benefits, to cover print and online media, to collaborate with bloggers and to search for TV appearances.
    Klient - Zamiluj sa do repkového oleja
  • DOM-OV

    The client builds functional and unique family homes for their customers. Our collaboration consists in creating social networking content and management, Facebook and Instagram, including paid advertising.
    Klient - Domov
  • Pelikan

    Pelikan is one of the world's leading producers of writing and creative accessories. That is why we use our creative skills and writing skills to persuade people and the media to write with and about the Pelikan. Our collaboration with Pelikan is primarily based on writing of press releases and exclusive articles, visually impressive lifestyle outputs in the press as well as in the online world.
    Klient - Pelikan
  • Herlitz

    For this manufacturer, supplier and distributor of stationery, office and school supplies, in addition to preparing PR articles and providing media space (magazines, online, events, press conferences), we have extended the package of services with the complete production of product videos. From planning, through filming, to production and post-production - we offer custom video content tailored to the client.
    Klient - Herlitz

    We started our collaboration with the largest online flowers and gift delivery service in Slovakia and abroad in May 2017. As part of our cooperation, we help the client set up the overall marketing strategy, we also applied many media channels - media relations, blogging, online, cross promo, guerilla marketing projects and event company visibility.
    Klient -
  • Klient - Omega Pharma

We also lend a hand to

  • DHL Parcel

    DHL Parcel is one of the largest suppliers of transport services in Slovakia in the B2C area. DHL has years of experience in European markets. We provided the regular monthly PR service, communication with professional and lifestyle media, ambassadors, organization of big events, and constant effort to find the publicity.
    Klient - DHL Parcel

    Collaboration with the biggest producer of protein and muesli bars in Slovakia included strategic planning of PR activities, preparation and communication of press releases and expert articles. Key activities included participation with celebrities, athletes, bloggers and journalists. Except for lifestyle outputs, emphasis was placed on contacting relevant expert media. The service package also included fan page management and Facebook content creation.
    Klient - Tekmar
  • Index Podnikateľa

    It was created as an instrument to support and develop a transparent business environment in Slovakia. It can verify and analyze any company doing business in the Slovak Republic. We created themes and texts appropriate to professional and lifestyle media and searched for a publicity.
    Klient - Index Podnikateľa
  • Wellness Hotel Patince

    For its visitors, Wellness Hotel Patince offers not only stays prepared by specialists, but also a wide range of wellness facilities and services. Collaboration was based mainly on the creation of texts about current stays, events and news that the hotel regularly prepares. We also took care of relationships and communication with celebrities and bloggers, barter cooperation and buying advertising in the key media.
    Klient - Wellnes Hotel Patince
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  • Klient - Bryndziaren a syraren ZS
  • Klient - danare
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  • Klient - Naturproduct
  • Klient - Medante
  • Klient - Otto Berg
  • Klient - Doliva
  • Klient - legenda
  • Klient - lakeside
  • Klient - magnetica
  • TriGranit is one of the largest fully integrated, privately owned, real estate platforms in Central Europe, focusing primarily on quality retail and Class “A” office buildings in strategic urban locations.
    Klient - trigranit
  • Klient - akv
  • Klient - Ozeta
  • Klient - TAILOR MADE
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  • Klient - Esthetic
  • Klient - Nimm2
  • Klient - HBTV
  • Klient - UVEA
  • Klient - QSE
  • Klient - CK Victory
  • Klient - Podnikanie pre radost
  • Klient - La Natura
  • Klient - Zlate stranky
  • Klient - Vino Nitra
  • Klient - Mediatel
  • Klient - Olivia Shoes
  • Klient - Inner Winner
  • Klient - Medidiet
  • Klient - SPS
  • Klient - Chateau Modra
  • Klient - Bea Benkova
  • Klient - Wings for life
  • Klient - SAHI
  • Klient - Historicka Revue
  • Klient - Covenant
  • Klient - Provocation Bureau
  • Klient - ZMPS
  • Klient - XOXO
  • Klient - HSS_Klamar
  • Klient - Lacalut
  • Klient - Pantha Rhei
  • Klient - Kvint
  • Klient - Ryba Žilina
  • Klient - Dessewffyho palác
  • Klient - Bořek Šípek
  • Klient - DIMARKO
  • Klient - Klenoty Aurum
  • Klient - DHL
  • Klient - Medas
  • Klient - Mediklinik


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